WBUQ - Bloomsburg University Student Radio!

WBUQ - Bloomsburg University Student Radio!

WBUQ is a 600 watt non-commercial, educational radio station operating at FM 91.1 MHz. WBUQ is a student-run radio station, and provides a means of student training and experience in radio broadcasting, to provide a means of entertainment and information for the student body and community, to serve the public interest, and to be an instrument of expression for student, faculty and community opinion, in accordance with the rules of the FCC.

WBUQ broadcasts from the McCormick Center at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a signal radius of 25-30 miles. 

Recently, WBUQ began streaming on the internet allowing for a worldwide audience!

Executive Officers

Position 2016-2017
President Fernando Santos
Vice-President Vacant
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Public Relations Vacant
Advisors David Magolis
Asa Kelley