Note Taking Resources:

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Note Taking Tips (Cal Poly):

Guidelines for Note taking:

Evaluate Your Note-Taking (Stanford):

Note-Taking Tips (Stanford):

Tips for College Note Taking:

Note taking (James Madison University):

Lecture Listening and Note Taking (Dartmouth)


Time Management and Materials Management (James Madison University):

Organizing Academia:

7 College Student Organization Tips:

Organization Tips and Skills to Help College Students Make the Grade:

Organization Help for ADHD College Students:

Quick Tips for College Organization:

Reading Strategies:

Active Reading Strategies (Princeton):

Pivotal Words (Dartmouth):

SQ3R Method (step by step, California Dept. Edu.):

Textbook Reading Skills (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):

21 Reading Tips (Niagara University):

Using Your Textbook (Dartmouth):

Study Skills:

5 Day Study Plan (Cornell):

Guidelines for Creating a Study Schedule (Cornell):

Study Environment Analysis (Virginia Tech):

Study Skills and Strategies for Effective Learning (Bucks County Community College):

How to Study: A Brief Guide (SUNY Buffalo):

Taking Exams:

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Memory Dump Strategy for Tests and Quizzes (Cerritos College):

5 Day Study Plan (Cornell):

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Multiple Choice Tests:

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Time Management:

8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students:

Time Management

Time Management for College Students (Nicholls State University):

Managing Your Time (Dartmouth):

Time Management Basics for College Students:

Skills for Time Management for Students

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