Act 101/EOP Faculty and Staff

Act 101/EOP Faculty and Staff

Dr. Irvin Wright, associate dean academic achievement

Dr. Irvin Wright

Qualifications: D.Ed., higher education and public administration, Pennsylvania State University; M.Ed., guidance and counseling, University of Toledo; B.Ed., physical education and health, State University of New York at Buffalo; A.A., general studies, Dodge City Community College in Dodge City, Kansas

Extras: Dr. Wright was the director of Act 101/EOP 1996-2012 after serving as assistant director from 1977-1996. Act 101 reports to him as Associate Dean of Academic Achievement.

He is actively involved in the University-Community Task Force on Racial Equity, University Committee for Protected Class Issues, Advisory Board for Frederick Douglass Institute, and Bloomsburg Rotary Club. Prior to this, he served on various university-wide committees.

Office: 41 Student Services Center | 570-389-4492 |

Dr. Melissa Cheese, interim director of Act 101/EOP

Melissa Cheese

Qualifications: Ed.D., literacy, Hofstra University; M.S., educational administration and B.A., computer science, State University of New York at Albany.

Extras: As the interim director, Dr. Cheese coordinates and supervises support services for program students such as tutoring, academic advisement, mentoring, counseling, and financial aid. She oversees the six-week summer enrichment program and also serves as an advisor and mentor to Act 101 students. Dr. Cheese works in conjunction with student life to support programs for students; and she is available to assist students in various capacities.

Office: 42 Student Services Center | 570-389-4492 |

Brian C. Johnson, academic advisor and part-time program coordinator

Brian C. Johnson

Qualifications: M.A., English, California University of Pennsylvania; B.A., English, California University of Pennsylvania.

Extras: Johnson, who is also an active educational speaker and preacher, has a newly released book, “We've Scene It All Before: Using Film Clips in Diversity Awareness Training” published by Sense Publishers, an international academic publisher. A revolutionary tool for corporate and academic trainers, “We’ve Scene It All Before”, harnesses the power of mainstream Hollywood film to enhance educational sessions about diversity and social justice. The book is a learning tool which will be tremendously useful in reducing resistance and increasing thoughtful cross-cultural dialogue.

Office: 33 Student Services Center | 570-389-4006 |

Wayne Whitaker, assistant director of diversity and retention

Wayne Whitaker

Qualifications: M.S., Instructional technology; B.A., psychology.

Extras: Active member and leader of Mount Zion Baptist Church; co-chair Deacon Ministry, Christian Education director and dean of Student Enrollment (Zion Biblical Institute).

At BU, Whitaker serves as assistant director of Diversity and Retention managing the Board of Governors Scholars Program, as well as mentoring Kappa Alpha Psi. He is also coordinator of the Allentown Partnership Program, a two week pre-college program with the Allentown, PA school district. Mr. Whitaker administers placement testing to ACT 101 students in the greater Philadelphia area.

Office: 39 Student Services Center | 570-389-4996 |

Ailien Pham, secretary

Office: 40 Student Services Center | 570-389-4489 |