Prospective Act 101/EOP Students

Prospective Act 101/EOP Students

Act 101/EOP

Application Process

The highest priority for admission is reserved for Act 101/EOP applicants with:

  • A minimum of a C+ grade point average
  • A minimum score of 800 on the SAT and/or 16 on the ACT

Students applying for admission must submit a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor or teacher describing how the student would benefit from being admitted into Act 101/EOP. It is preferred that applicants have a 94 percent or better attendance rate in high school.

Placement Testing

    This testing determines placement for developmental (courses that do not count for graduation credit) and college credit courses. Any student with SAT scores below pre-determined cut offs are required to take placement tests.

Part-Time Program

    The Act 101 part-time program is a special admissions opportunity for students that are economically and educationally disadvantaged. To qualify for admission to the part-time program, applicants must meet an adjusted gross income as determined by Health and Human Services poverty guidelines.