Health Science (B.S.)

The Health Science degree program provides a strong biology background in preparation for admission into clinical, research and graduate programs in the health sciences. There is a General option and a Medical Laboratory Science option, as well as advisement tracks for students interested in continuing for Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant or Pharmacy graduate studies.

Medical Laboratory Science — Medical laboratory scientists perform many of the laboratory tests used in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As part of the health care team they contribute data on blood, tissues and fluids using a variety of precise methods and technologies. The program of study combines natural science and liberal arts education with clinical instruction. Students complete 90 credit hours (3 years) of core science and general education classes at Bloomsburg followed by one calendar year in a hospital clinical program accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Students earn the BS degree from Bloomsburg and are eligible to sit for national certification exams.

Pre-Physical Therapy — Physical therapists examine, diagnose and treat patients that have a variety of musculoskeletal, cardiac, neurological and pulmonary problems. They carry out programs to help increase a patient's strength and flexibility, to relieve pain and to help limit permanent physical disabilities. Most physical therapy degree programs are now at the doctoral level. We strongly recommend that students complete the B.S. Health Sciences degree, then apply for admission to a physical therapy program where they earn a doctoral (D. PT) degree. These programs are usually 3 years in length. Graduates of Bloomsburg University have been admitted to many different physical therapy schools.

Pre-Physician Assistant — Physician assistants work under the supervision of and in collaboration with physicians. They provide a broad range of diagnostic, educational and therapeutic patient care services. Most physician assistant education programs are now at the masters degree level. We strongly recommend that students complete the B.S. in Health Sciences degree at Bloomsburg and then apply to a masters physician assistant degree program. These programs are typically 2 years in length. Bloomsburg students have been admitted to many different physician assistant schools.

Pre-Pharmacy — Pharmacy is a health profession concerned with knowledge about drugs and their effects. Pharmacists prepare, dispense and administer drugs. They evaluate medication orders, and provide information and advice on drug selection, effects and interactions. The standard degree for a pharmacist today is the Doctor of Pharmacy - typically a six-year program. The first two years of the curriculum is broad-based and can be taken at an undergraduate institution such as Bloomsburg. Students may apply to transfer after two years, or complete a bachelor's degree (we recommend the B.S. Health Science degree) before applying to a professional program. Bloomsburg students have been admitted to a number of different pharmacy schools.


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