How four months can completely change a life

How four months can completely change a life

Elisabet Maldonado

Elisabet Torres Maldonado

    Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Class: Freshman, Class of 2015
    Major: Speech-Language Pathology
    Future: Speech-Language Pathologist

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Time has passed so fast! It seems like yesterday I was arriving at Bloomsburg University and now I’m back home in Puerto Rico spending time with my family — and of course, sharing with them my Bloomsburg adventures.

I’m really satisfied with my performance in classes, and I’m very grateful for all my professors and all of those who helped me achieve a successful semester. Finals week was a kind of tough, but I enjoyed it because I was finishing my first semester of college.

While I'm home, I will celebrate Christmas with my friends and family, as well as enjoy different festivals we celebrate during this time. Our Christmas time is the longest in the world. We celebrate Christmas day on Dec. 25 and New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31, but we also celebrate the Three Wise Kings on Jan. 6 and our festivals continue through Jan. 18 to Jan. 20.

Undoubtedly, I really enjoy me time in Bloomsburg. I meet a lot of people and see a lot of new places. I’m so excited to come back for the spring semester to have a wonderful time with this wonderful people. Without a doubt, Bloomsburg University has all the characteristics that meet my needs. I really hope to finish my undergraduate studies here.

This experience at Bloomsburg University “change my life completely.” As a Miss Universe contestant would say, literally I’m not the person I was four months back. I can say I grew up as a person and that my thoughts have changed because of my classes. Also, now I know a lot of people who perceive the life from a different point of view.

Hasta pronto …