Now THIS is how government works

Now THIS is how government works

George Specht George Specht, a junior political economics major, is one of 14 PASSHE students participating in The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS) program this spring. Specht is getting the opportunity to work in all areas of state government while earning a full semester’s worth of credits. Specifically, he is working for the state House of Representatives Speaker Sam Smith, R-Jefferson, for the next 15 weeks. Additionally, he and the other interns will attend several academic seminars and complete an individualized research project.

More than 500 students have participated in THIS since the program began in 1989, each gaining valuable insight into the workings of state government at the policy-making level. Interns have worked with dozens of state agencies, as well as in the offices of the governor, the speaker of the House of Representatives and the attorney general.

To apply for next year’s THIS opportunity contact Sheng Ding, associate professor of political science, at (570) 389-4336 by Monday, March 12.

THIS Internship Into my third full week of my internship, and it's a wonderful experience. I'm interning with the Office of the Speaker of the House in Harrisburg as part of The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS), a wonderful program run by the PASSHE system.

I begin every day by checking the intranet to see what events are going on for the day. Some days there are numerous press conferences throughout the Capitol, there are sessions when the legislature is passing legislation and there are committee meetings where citizens and advocates of causes get to present their information and opinion.

The internship allows me to explore all of these areas during the week. Another great part of the internship is the amount of people you meet. From guest speakers during the night class to daily workers at the Capitol, networking is easy to accomplish with THIS.

While the internship at the Capitol is one part, living in Harrisburg is the other. The internship provides me with the chance to experience life in a city, which is much different than in Bloomsburg.

Living in Harrisburg gives me the chance to experience a number of cultural programs at the Whitaker Center, or go shopping in Strawberry Square. Living in a city is an experience I have always wanted and THIS provided me with the chance to do it.

The internship is also done with a group of interns who come from all of the other PASSHE schools. Every Tuesday night there is a night class to explore and learn more about state government. THIS is a great program that made my college experience an even better one!

    — George Specht, junior political economics major