Fat Talk: What is it?

Fat Talk: What is it?

This film, created by Tri Delta, aims to increase awareness about what fat talk is and the negative impact fat talk has on women’s confidence and self-esteem.

In a recent survey, completed by Bloomsburg University students, nearly two to three times a week and as often as every day students reported hearing others talk about their own physical appearance and/or heard others talking about someone else’s physical appearance.

A number of examples can be heard on campus including, “I look so gross today; This shirt makes me look fat; I need to lose five pounds; Is she really wearing that?”

This is fat talk.

Christina Valero This forces me and everyone else to think of how our use of fat talk is influencing us, is it even benefiting us? It causes us to view ourselves negatively, leading to decreased feelings of self worth, lower levels of self-esteem and confidence. Fat talk has no benefit in our daily conversations, so how do we end fat talk? Dr. Robyn Silverman, author of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, is a body image expert, success coach and educator. Silverman states that we first have to start with ourselves by correcting those internal thoughts with realistic and positive thoughts, and remain consistent with positive thoughts. In addition, we need to surround ourselves with a group of individuals who are supportive and hold similar values. Lastly, Silverman suggests creating a “fat talk free zone.”

These small changes can create a profound and lasting impact on the way we view ourselves. As Tri Delta and Silverman state, the change needs to start with you, today.

Now it's your turn — How are you going to make a change today to stop fat talk?

    — Christina B. Valero is a senior completing her nursing degree. She has developed educational materials the focus on body image and self-esteem for the BU Women’s Resource Center.

Resource: To get involved in Tri Delta’s initiatives and/ or sign the fat talk free pledge, visit http://bi3d.tridelta.org/Pledge. References: Silverman, R. J. (2010). Good girls don’t get fat. Ontario, Canada: A Stonesong Press. TriDeltaEO. (2008, October 10). Tri delta – Fat talk free week 2008 [Video file].