Points of Distinction

Points of Distinction

Practicum and Research The key messages answer the essential question of why BU?

These messages describe the quality and value of a BU education. They bring to the forefront BU’s academic excellence in teaching and learning and our commitment to providing a supportive and enriched educational experience for all students, faculty and staff.

The messages distinguish us from other higher education institutions and drive all communications.


  • At BU, general education is not just a collection of courses. It’s an experience that allows students to define and integrate academic and personal interests for their professional growth.
  • MyCore is a planned start for future success, allowing students to customize their general education program.
  • Cross-disciplinary approach.

We are a community of engaged citizens

  • Volunteerism is integral to the lives of BU Huskies. BU students participate in more than 80,550 hours of community service annually

BU is dedicated to undergraduate student research and collaboration with faculty

  • Students are immersed in meaningful and purposeful exploration of knowledge.
  • Students are connected with faculty, staff and alumni who help align and foster their personal and professional development inside the classroom and in co-curricular activities.

Career Preparation