Cameroon-Ethiopia Winter Study Abroad - Academics

Cameroon-Ethiopia Winter Study Abroad - Academics

Bloomsburg University Track

Africa Abroad
Photography in the Field: The African Experience (Vera Viditz-Ward)

    This course would offer students the opportunity to make their own photographs of people, landscapes, objects and artifacts reflecting the diverse cultures of Cameroon and Ethiopia under the supervision of Professor Viditz-Ward. They would also visit local photographic studios and interview local photographers.

Non-Western Literature: African Women and their Stories

    Students will be introduced to the African oral traditions and post-colonial writing be African women. *Course is also required for Secondary Education/English majors.

University of Buea Track

Multicultural Education:

    Multicultural Education is a foundation of education course for Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and Secondary Education majors. It is designed to enhance the students’ knowledge and awareness about the philosophy, nature, and theories of multicultural education. It provides students with socio-cultural, philosophical, political, and global perspectives for the study of culture, ethnicity, gender, race and the school’s role in an increasingly changing multicultural world. The focus of this course is on helping students gain the needed awareness, knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to work with diverse populations in a changing world.

Africa Abroad
Gender and Development in Sub-Sahara Africa

    This course would explore the development of traditional roles of women in African societies to the present time, including both work and family roles. Included is African women’s contribution to politics as well as social and economic development. It would include field trips to several places where African women can be seen at work such as homes, offices, farms, plantations, and factories. (This course would fulfill the general education requirements for Goal 5—Demonstrate knowledge of social sciences principles, concepts and methods, using appropriate vocabulary and Goal 7—Analyze the implications of diversity among human groups, their histories, cultures and the plurality of human experiences).

Natural Disasters/Environmental Geology and Remote Sensing

    With a focus on the recent volcanic eruptions of Mount Cameroon and the floods and landslides of Limbe, in the Southwest province of Cameroon, this course would apply geologic knowledge to environmental concerns. It would emphasize energy, soil, mineral and water resources along with Earth processes that are hazardous to humans. It would include fieldtrips to Limbe, Mount Cameroon, Lake Barombi and the Adamawa highlands in the Western and North-western regions of Cameroon. Students would also understand the factors that contributed to the Lake Nyos disaster of 1987 through a video documentary. (This course would fulfill the general education requirements of Goal 4—Demonstrate knowledge of natural sciences principles, concepts and methods, using appropriate vocabulary)