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Minor in Theatre Arts (THEATRE)

Administered by Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts

Effective Fall 2016

Preparation for a minor in Theatre Arts requires a total of 22 credits, including study in each basic category of the discipline: theory/criticism, history, performance, technical crafts, design, and practical application. The student may also study in additional areas of his or her own choosing. All required courses are currently offered in the division's program of study.

Required Courses (10 credits):

THEATRE.102 Introduction to Theatre

THEATRE.108 Theatre Practicum (2 semesters for 1 unit)

THEATRE.112 Fundamentals of Acting

THEATRE.270 Fundamentals of Theatre Design

One of the following (3 credits):

THEATRE.211 Theatre Production

THEATRE.277 Costume Construction

THEATRE.370 Stage Makeup (Prerequisite: THEATRE.270)

One of the following (3 credits):

THEATRE.202 Understanding Plays: Script Analysis

THEATRE.215 Theatre History I

THEATRE.325 Theatre History 2*

THEATRE.416 Modern Theatre*

*Prerequisite for THEATRE.325 & 416 is THEATRE.215 or consent of instructor

Two additional courses from the division’s curriculum (6 credits):