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Minor in Chinese Studies (CHINESE)

Administered by Department of Languages and Cultures

Effective Fall 2017

The program requires 18 credits. The Chinese Minor focuses on language training in particular, requiring students to earn 12 credits in Chinese I - IV, and 6 credits in Chinese culture studies. Credits can be transferred with approval. The goal of this curriculum is to help students reach intermediate to advanced proficiency levels.

Required: (12 credits)

CHINESE.101 Chinese I

CHINESE.102 Chinese II

CHINESE.203 Chinese III

CHINESE.204 Chinese IV

Electives: (Choose 6 credits from the following)

ARTHSTRY.346 Art History of the Far East

CHINESE 199, 299, 399, 499 Chinese Transfers

CHINESE.211 Foundations of Chinese Civilization

CHINESE.212 China Today

DIGFOR.311 Security Fundamentals

EGGS.102 World Cultural Geography

HISTORY.131 History of Asian Civilizations to 1500

HISTORY.132 History of Asian Civilizations since 1500

HISTORY.141 Imperialism and Colonialism in Modem East Asia

HISTORY.359 Twentieth Century China

HISTORY.392 US Diplomatic History from 1898

LANGCULT.200 Comparative Culture Studies

LANGCULT.400 Comparative Language Studies

MKTG.380 International Marketing (requires pre-requisites)

MUSIC.102 World Music

POLISCI.181 Contemporary Issues in World Politics

POLISCI.280 International Relations

POLISCI.310 Government and Politics of China

POLISCI.360 Nations, States, Gov

POLISCI.368 Asian Politics

POLISCI.373 Govt China & India

POLISCI.466 IR in East Asia