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Public Policy and International Affairs (M.A.)

Effective Fall 2011

All MA program courses are taught by Political Science graduate faculty. Graduate faculty are seasoned faculty with doctoral degrees who have demonstrated extensive subject expertise. MA faculty provide an active learning experience and employ a variety of teaching methods.

One of the strengths of the MA program is its provision of distance and interactive learning options in addition to its strong campus presence. The mixture of traditional and non-traditional students offers the advantage of the collective experience of its students and the energy of a committed faculty. The Political Science department is committed to encouraging enrollment of members of historically disadvantaged groups.


The program admits students based on an evaluation of past academic achievement, aptitude for advanced study, professional accomplishments (where applicable), and motivation to succeed. Applicants must provide a completed application to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (570)389-4015 The MA Coordinator will evaluate MA applicants who have submitted complete applications. Complete applications include:

Official transcripts from an accredited academic institution indicating an earned baccalaureate degree.

Official transcripts from all institutions where the applicant earned undergraduate or graduate college credit must be provided. Degrees earned from universities other than United States universities will be judged individually

Official GRE test scores for tests taken within the 5 years prior to application.

Three letters of recommendation.

A letter of intent (an essay indicating the applicant’s purpose for pursuing the MA degree).

A current resume.

International applicants whose native language is not English must achieve a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of, at minimum, 550 (old test) or 215 (new electronic test). The score must have been earned within the year prior to application. International students must also provide current evidence of financial capability.

Required Courses

The curriculum consists of 36 graduate credit hours delivered in 18 credits in core courses, 12 credits in a chosen area of specialization, and 6 credits of either thesis or non-thesis (i.e., completion of an internship experience).

Core Courses

POLISCI.500 Public Policy and International Affairs

POLISCI.507 Ethics, Politics and Public Policy

POLISCI.525 International Law and Organizations

POLISCI.535 International Political Economy

POLISCI.556 Environmental Policy

POLISCI.592 Research Methods in Public Policy

Elective Courses

POLISCI.510 US Foreign Policy

POLISCI.515 Human Rights and Public Policy

POLISCI.517 Immigration Policy

POLISCI.522 Women and Public Policy

POLISCI.526 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

POLISCI.529 Law, Morality and War

POLISCI.536 Sustainable Economic Development

POLISCI.557 Issues in Global Environmental Policy

POLISCI.562 Information Technology and World Politics

POLISCI.572 US - China Relations

POLISCI.578 Politics of Emerging Nations

POLISCI.579 Politics of Post-Industrial Nations

POLISCI.597 Internship

POLISCI.599 Thesis


Diana Zoelle, PhD.

Department of Political Science

Ph: 570-389-4919