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Geography - Environmental Planning (B.A.)

Administered by Geography and Geosciences

Effective Fall, 2010

In addition to 54 semester hours of general education requirements, a total of 30 to 60 semester hours is required for a major in geography. The balance of hours toward the 120-hour university requirement for a bachelor's degree is made up of elective courses

Core Courses: All Required

GEOG.101 World Physical Geography

GEOG.105 Environmental Issues and Choices

GEOG.250 Elements of Planning

GEOG.301 Water Resources Management

GEOG.302 Land Resources Management

GEOG.350 Advanced Planning

GEOG.360 Principles of GIS I

GEOG.497 Internship in Planning

GEOG.498 Applied Planning Seminar

GEOSCI.100 Environmental Geology

Electives - A minimum of three courses, 9 or 10 credits total must be selected from the following:

GEOG.258 Environmental Conservation

GEOG.303 Soil Resources Management

GEOG.304 Environmental Valuation

GEOG.305 Environmental Risks and Hazards

GEOG.315 Geography of Recreation, Tourism and Sport

GEOG.380 Dams, Reservoirs, and Rivers

GEOG.386 U.S. Public Lands: Geography, Politics and Management

GEOSCI.370 Hydrology

MARSCI.250 Wetlands Ecology

Skills and Tools (18-19 credits total)

Required courses:

COMMSTUD.103 Public Speaking

GEOG.240 Writing for Environmental Careers

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics

POLISCI.120 U.S. Government

Choose two from the following four courses

GEOG.242 Map Skills

GEOG.264 Applied Cartography

GEOG.361 Principles of GIS II

GEOSCI.320 Remote Sensing of the Earth