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Clinical Chemistry (BS)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

More information: download a curriculum worksheet to assist in your planning; see degree requirements.

Cr.First SemesterCr.Second Semester
452.115 Chemistry for Sciences I452.116 Chemistry for Science II
352.125 Calculus I352.126 Calculus II
 or 53.113 Pre-Calculus (if required based on testing) or 53.125 Calculus I (if 53.113 was required)
320.101 Composition I3General Education Group B (Social Sciences)
 or General Education Group B (Social Sciences) or 20.101 Composition I
328.270 Logic (Recommended GenEd Group A)3General Education Group A (Humanities)
109.100 Optional University Seminar3General Education Group B (Social Sciences)
14Total Semester Credits16Total Semester Credits
Cr.Third SemesterCr.Fourth Semester
452.231 Organic Chemistry I452.232 Organic Chemistry II
353.225 Calculus III3General Education Group A (Humanities)
 or 53.126 Calculus II (if 53.113 was required) or 53.225 Calculus III (if 53.113 was required)
454.211 General Physics I450.271 Cell Biology
32nd Level Writing Course454.212 General Physics II
1General Education Fitness/Recreation Skills1General Education Fitness/Recreation Skills
15Total Semester Credits16Total Semester Credits
Cr.Fifth SemesterCr.Sixth Semester
352.321 Analytical Chemistry I452.341 Biochemistry I
452.361 Physical Chemistry I350.343 Immunology
3General Education Communications3General Education Group A (Humanities)
3General Education Group B (Social Sciences)3General Education Group B (Social Sciences)
2Free Elective3General Ed. Values, Ethics, Decision-Making
 or Gen Ed Group A (if 53.113 was required)  
15Total Semester Credits16Total Semester Credits
Cr.Seventh SemesterCr.Eighth Semester
14Clinical Experience14Clinical Experience
14Total Semester Credits14Total Semester Credits


The sequence of General Education courses is an example only; they may be taken in any order.

The number of free electives may vary depending on pre-requisite requirements and course choices.

For example, if one communications or values course is also counted as a group A or B, as allowed by

General Education Policy, then take one additional Free Elective course.

Two of the courses selected for the Major, General Education OR Free Elective must also qualify as

Diversity courses. See list of Diversity Courses and consult advisor.