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Finance (B.S.B.A.) (Fall 2009)

Administered by Department of Finance and Legal Studies

Effective Fall 2009

Students majoring in a B.S.B.A. degree program in the College of Business must take at least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the business degree at Bloomsburg University.

In addition to 63 semester hours of general education requirements, the program in finance requires 24 hours of core business courses, 18 hours of courses specific to the major, plus 15 hours of business electives to meet the university requirement for a bachelor of science in business administration degree.

Among general education courses specifically required are:

20.101 English Composition I
25.103 Public Speaking
40.121 Principles of Economics I
40.122 Principles of Economics II
40.256 Business and Economics Statistics
53.118 Applied Matrix Algebra
90.333 Business Communications & Report Writing
Choose one of the following two courses or a higher level calculus course:
40.156 Business and Economics Math
53.123 Essentials of Calculus
Business Core:
91.220 Financial Accounting
91.223 Managerial Accounting
92.150 Introduction to Information Technology or 94.175 Intro to BIS
93.244 Principles of Management
93.481 Business Polices and Strategies
96.313 Introduction to Corporate Finance
97.310 Marketing Principles and Practice
98.331 Law and Legal Environment

*There are six prerequisites to 96.313, noted in the catalogue course description.

Finance Specialization
91.321 Intermediate Accounting I
96.323 Financial Markets and Institutions
96.343 Investment Management
96.413 International Finance
96.454 Advanced Corporate Finance

Plus one upper-level finance elective

Electives - Students must choose 15 semester hours in elective courses from General Business, Accounting, Computer and Information Systems, Management, Office Systems, Finance, Marketing and Legal Studies. Some additional courses are available as well; students should consult their adviser or the department chair.