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History (B.A.)

Department of History, College of Liberal Arts

Effective Fall 2009

Students seeking Secondary Education Certification in Citizenship must declare majors in both History and Secondary Education (Citizenship) and complete the full History course sequence as well as the Secondary Education Professional Course and Certification requirements. Students must consult their advisers in both departments each semester regarding course selection and other certification requirements. Full program requirements for students seeking Secondary Education Certification in Citizenship may be found at:

In addition to general education requirements, a total of 39 semester hours is required for a major in history with at least 18 semester hours drawn from 300 and 400 level courses. Some history major requirements also satisfy select general education requirements.

42.121 United States History Survey: Colonial Period to 1877

42.122 United States History Survey: 1877 to the Present

42.125 Western Civilization to 1650

42.126 Western Civilization since 1650

42.298 Historiography and Historical Methods (grade of C or better required)

42.398 Research and Writing Skills (grade of C or better required)

Choose two from the following regional or non-western history courses:

42.131 Asian Civilization to 1500
42.132 Asian Civilization since 1500
42.141 Modern China and Japan
42.142 Latin America: From European Colonization to the Present
42.143 Black Africa
42.145 Muslim World to 1405
42.146 Muslim World since 1405
42.151 History of Pre-Colonial Africa
42.152 History of Modern Africa
42.216 Africa and the Black Atlantic to 1790
42.217 Africa and the Black Atlantic since 1790
Upper Division, 300/400 level courses in U.S. History - History major
42.329 American Woman 42.388 Pennsylvania
42.372 Colonial America 42.391 Diplomatic History, U.S., to 1898
42.374 U.S. Social History 42.392 Diplomatic History, U.S., since 1898
42.379 U.S.: The New Nation 42.395 Afro-American Radicalism
42.380 Old South/New South 42.404 Topics in American History
42.381 Civil War and Reconstruction 42.472 History of Labor, U.S.
42.383 Shaping Contemporary America 42.476 War and American Society
42.385 Recent American History
Upper Division, 300/400 level courses in European History - History Major
42.318 Early England42.340 German History from 1871
42.319 Modem England42.346 Modem European Intellectual History
42.320 French Revolution/Napoleon 42.347 History of the Holocaust
42.324 Revolutionary Europe 42.349 Medieval Russia
42.326 Europe, 1789-1914 42.356 Imperial Russia
42.327 Total War Europe 42.452 Soviet Russia
42.328 Cold War Europe 42.405/505 Jews of Europe
42.335 History of Christianity 42.416/516 Classical Worlds,Ancient Greece/Rome
42.336 Medieval Europe 42.460/461 Topics in European History
42.337 Europe in the Renaissance & Reformation
42.469 Women/Gender in Euro. InteIl. Hist., I
42.470 Women/Gender in Euro. lnteIl. Hist., II
Upper Division, 300/400 level courses in Non-Western or Regional History - History Major
42.315 Origins of Civilization 42.354 Modem Japan, 1868--Present
42.355 East Asia since 1800 42.359 Twentieth Century China
42.360 Modern Korea42.410 Topics in Non-Western History
42.430 Caribbean Slave Societies 42.431 Caribbean Soc's, Post-Emancipation
42.432 Plantation Societies, Atlantic Wrld. 42.453 Problems in Contemporary Lat. Am.
42.456 History of the Modern Middle East 42.457 Early Ottoman Empire
42.458 Late Ottoman Empire .
Two 300-400 level history electives