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Criminal Justice (B.A.)

Administered by Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Effective Spring 2011

In addition to general education, the criminal justice major requires 33 to 39 credits: 30 credits of classes and three to nine credits of internship. Students cannot use criminal justice courses, beyond requirements, to fulfill their free elective courses. Required courses:

General Education

45.211 Principles of Sociology

48.101 General Psychology

44.120 U.S. Government

Foundation Courses

43.101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

43.200 Criminology

43.255 Criminal Justice Research

43.260 Criminal Justice Statistics

Substantive Core Courses

Choose six courses from the following:

43.230 Police & Society

43.300 Juvenile Delinquency

43.310 Penology

43.320 Victimology

43.330 White Collar Crime

43.340 Criminal Investigations

43.400 Mass Media and Crime

43.410 Criminal Law

43.420 Crime, Inequality, & Social Identity

43.430 Special Topics

43.470 Cults and Apocalyptic Movements

44.446 Constitutional Law

Applied Experience

43.495 Criminal Justice Internship