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School Based Speech-Language Pathology (M.Ed.)

(Project IMPRESS)

Administered by Audiology and Speech Pathology

Effective Fall, 2009

Required Courses:

73.501 Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children

73.502 Language Disorders in the School Setting

73.503 Research in Educational Speech-Language Pathology

73.504 Diagnostics

73.505 Preschool Language Disorders

73.506 Professional Issues I

73.507 Language for Literacy Development

73.508 Professional Issues 2

73.509 Communication Disorders of English Language Learners

73.510 Fluency Disorders in Children

73.511 Communication Disorders of Low Incidence Populations

73.512 Communication Disorders of Moderate/Severe Populations

73.513 Professional Issues 3

73.514 Communication Disorders of Hearing Impaired Children

73.515 Communication Disorders of ASD

73.521 Practical Experience 1

73.521 Practical Experience 2

73.521 Practical Experience 3

73.521 Practical Experience 4

73.521 Practical Experience 5

73.522 Student Teaching


Graduate students in the school-based speech-language pathology program must maintain a QPA of 3.0 with no more than one grade lower than a B throughout the graduate program. If a grade lower than a B is earned in the final practical experience (73.521), the course must be repeated prior to enrolling in student teaching (73.522). If a grade lower than a B is earned in student teaching (73.522), the course must be repeated. To progress in graduate school, students must maintain adequate academic standing and adhere to the department suitability clause.