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Secondary Education - Mathematics

Effective Fall, 2009

Students seeking Secondary Education Certification in Mathematics must declare majors in both Mathematics and Secondary Education (Mathematics) and complete the full Mathematics BA course sequence as well as the Secondary Education Professional Course and Certification requirements. Students must consult their advisers in both departments each semester regarding course selection and other certification requirements.

A total of 121 credits is required for a bachelor of science in education degree with a specialization in Mathematics.

Requirements include:


53.185 Discrete Mathematics
53.225 Calculus III
53.226 Calculus IV
53.231 College Geometry
53.310 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
53.314 Linear Algebra
53.360 Number Theory
56.121 Computer Science

Select one computer course which must be numbered 56.122 or higher

Any two (2) Mathematics courses numbered 53.311 or higher (53.410 Mathematical Modeling is recommended)

Secondary Education

60.206 Teachers, Schools and Society

60.251 Psychological Foundations of Education.

60.291 Principles of Teaching

60.311 Classroom Measurement and Assessment

60.406 Multicultural Education

65.453 Teaching of Mathematics

60.497 Teaching in Education: First Experience

60.498 Teaching in Education: Second Experience

70.275 Linking Assessment

70.358 Methods of Instruction

Choose one of the following four courses:
56.305 Computer Applications
60.204 Educational Computing and Technology
60.350 Instructional Design Systems
60.351 Virtual Learning Communities

General Education

Among 50 credits of general education courses, the following are required:

20.101 Composition I

20.201 Composition II or a Writing Intensive Course:

20.131 The Bible as Literature
20.151 Introduction to Literature
20.152 Literature and Society
20.156 Popular Literature
20.226 European Literature I
20.227 European Literature II
20.236 American Literature I
20.237 American Literature II
20.246 British Literature I
20.247 British Literature II
20.256 Non-Western Literature I
20.257 Non-Western Literature II
Choose one of the following two courses
25.103 Public Speaking
25.104 Interpersonal Communication

45.211 Principles of Sociology

48.101 General Psychology

48.212 Adolescent. Psychology

53.125 Calculus I

53.126 Calculus II

53.241 Probability and Statistics

70.101 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals

72.415 ELL Basics of Lang & Comm or

79.494 ELL Strategies and Methods

Among courses chosen to meet humanities requirement, three departments must be represented from Art and Art History, Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, English, Languages and Cultures, Music History, and Philosophy. Among natural sciences and mathematics requirements, three departments must be represented from Biological and Allied Health Sciences, Chemistry; Geography and Geosciences; Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, and Physics and Engineering Technology.