Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Chemistry Nanotechnology (BS)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

More information:see degree requirements.

Cr. First Semester Cr. Second Semester
452.115 Chemistry for the Sciences 1452.116 Chemistry for the Sciences 2
353.125 Calculus I353.126 Calculus II
3Group A (Humanities) 1 of 4320.101 Composition 1
109.100 University Seminar3Group A (Humanities) 2 of 4/ Diversity 2 of 2
3Group B (Social Sciences) 1 of 4/Diversity 1 of 23Values/Ethics/Responsibility
14 16 
Cr. Third SemesterCr.Fourth Semester
452.231 Organic Chemistry I452.232 Organic Chemistry II
353.225 Calculus III352.251 Inorganic Chemistry
454.211 General Physics I152.281 Introduction to Scientific Literature
309.231 Technical Writing454.212 General Physics II
 3Free Elective
14 15 
Cr. Fifth SemesterCr.Sixth Semester
452.361 Physical Chemistry I 89.403 Nanotechnology Practicum* at PSU
352.321 Analytical Chemistry3E SC 211 Material Safety, & Equipment Overview
1Fitness 1 of 23E SC 212 Basic Nanotechnology Processes
   89.406 Nanotechnology Pracitucm* at PSU
3Communication3E SC 213 Materials in Nanotechnology
3Group B (Social Sciences) 2 of 43E SC 214 Lithography for Nanotechnology
   89.408 Nanotechnology Practicum* at PSU
  3E SC 215 Materials Modification in Nanotechnology
 3E SC 216 Charact/Testing of Nano Struct. & Materials
14 18 
Cr. Seventh SemesterCr.Eighth Semester
4Chemistry Elective**1,2,3 1 of 2 or Free Elective3Chemistry Elective**1,2,3 1 of 2 or Free Elective
3Chemistry Elective**1,2,3 2 of 2 or Free Elective3Chemistry Elective**1,2,3 2 of 2 or Free Elective
3Group A (Humanities) 3 of 43Group A (Humanities) 4 of 4
3Group B (Social Sciences) 3 of 43Group B (Social Sciences) 4 of 4
1Fitness 2 of 23Free Elective
14 15 
 Total credits =120 

* Nanotechnology Practicum

A 2.0 GPA in each of the following: 52.115, 52.116, 52.231, 52.232, 52.321, and 52.361 is required.

Though it is suggested that the one semester residence at PSU's Center for Nanotechonology Education and Utilization (CNEU) be taken the 6th semester, alternatively, it can be taken the summer between the 6th & 7th semesters or during the 7th or 8th semester. Taking the Nanotechnology Practicum during the summer allows for flexibility in graduation. Please discuss the options with your advisor.

** Chemistry Electives

1 Spring Only: 52.332, 52.333, 52.362, 52.371, 52.482 2 Fall Only: 52.452 3 Fall or Spring: 52.341, 52.492

Note- Humanity, Social Sciences, Communication, Diversity, Values/Eth/Resp. electives may be interchanged with respect to when taken.

All students must take the following:

12 credits Humanities & the Arts (Group A)

12 credits Social & Behavorial Sciences (Group B)

12 credits Natural Sciences & Mathematics (Group C)

Chemistry majors fulfill the 12 credit Group C requirement and do not need to take any extra credits

in this area unless they choose to as an elective

2 credits Fitness & Recreational Skills

6 credits Diversity (may double count in other groups)