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Chemistry (BA)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

More information: To assist in your planning; see degree requirements.

Year Fall   Spring    
1Humanities 1 (Logic 28-270 recommended)3Comp I 20.1013 
 Math 53.113/1253Math 53.125/1263 
 Chem. Sci I 52.1154Chem. Sci. II 52.1164 
 Social Science - 13Humanities - 23 
 University Seminar1Humanities - 3 (Diversity)3 
14 16 
2Organic I 52.2314Organic II 52.2324 
 Math 53.126/2253Math 53.225 or elective3 
 Physics I 54.2114Physics II 54.2124 
 Social Science - 2 (Diversity)3Inorganic Chemistry 52.2513 
 Comp II 20.201 (or equivalent)3   
17 14 
3Physical Chem I 52.3614Restricted Elective*4 
 Analytical Chem I 52.3213Restricted Elective*4 
 Social Science - 33Social Science - 43 
 Communication 3Elective3 
 Humanities - 43Fitness - 11 
16 15 
4Values/Eth/Resp 3Elective 3 
 Elective 3Elective 3 
 Elective 3Elective 3 
 Elective 3Elective 3 
 Elective 3Fitness - 21 
15 13 
   Total Credits = 120 
   *120 Total Excluding Seminar 

Restrictive Electives (two of the following courses are required): 52-322 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry,

52-362 Physical Chemistry II, 52.341 Biochemistry I, or 52.452 Advanced Inorganic, or 52-475 The Chemistry Curriculum and the Teaching Laboratory.

Humanity, Social Sciences, Communication, Values/Eth/Resp, and electives may be interchanged with respect to when taken.

All students must take the following:

12 credits Humanities & the Arts

12 credits Social & Behavioral Sciences

12 credits Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Chemistry majors will fulfull the 12 credit Science & Math requirement and do not need to take any extra credits in this area unless they choose to as an elective

2 credits Fitness & Recreational Skills

9 credits Communication

3 credits Quantitative Reasoning (Calc 1 applies to this)

3 credits Values, Ethics & Responsible Decision Making