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Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) (no certification)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

Master's Degree Graduation Check Sheet

Program of Study: Master of Education

Curriculum & Instruction (no cert)

# of credits required for graduation: 30

Required: Credits
CORE COURSES (12 credits): ReqCompleted
79.593 Studies in Diversity OR 60.506 Multicultural Education3 
60.532 Adapting Teaching Strategies OR 60.565 Advanced Foundations of Education3 
60.584 C & I Theory, Design, and Dev.3 
79.591 Research in Education3 
Individualized Curriculum or Area of Concentration (18 credits):  
Departmental Paper or Instructional Product  

Total credits:_________ GPA:__________________