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Elementary Education (M.Ed.) (no certification)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

Master’s Degree Graduation Check Sheet

Program of Study: Master of Elementary Education without Certification

# of credits required for graduation 30
Required: Credits
Core Courses (15 credits)  
60.501 Major Philosophies of Education Or
60.584 Curriculum, Theory, Design and Development  
One of the following five courses:
60.504 Technology for Teachers
60.512 Educational Media and Software
60.515 Integrating Technology into Teaching
60.516 Computers and Curriculum
60.522 Internet for Teachers  
60.506 Multicultural Education Or
79.593 Human Diversity  
60.514 Home, School and Community Relations Or 60.502 School and Society  
79.590 Research in Education Or
62.590 Current Research and Development in ECE  
Specialty Core (15 credits)  
62.510 Methods & Materials I in ECE  
62.520 Methods & Materials II in ECE  
62.521 Elementary School Curriculum  
62.522 Curriculum Trends in ECE  
62.523 Practices in Teaching the Young Child  
62.524 Knowledge and the Curriculum in the Elementary School  
62.525 Current Practices in Elementary School Science  
62.526 Methods and Materials in Science and Mathematics  
62.529 Literature for Children in the Elementary Grades  
62.530 Environmental Education for Elementary Teachers  
62.527 Social Studies in the Elementary School  
62.528 Language Arts in the Modern Elementary School  
62.539 Current Topics in Elementary Education  
62.581 Independent Study in Elementary Education  
62.590 Current Research and Development in Early Childhood Education  
62.591 Learning and Development of the Young Child  
62.592 Identification and Prescription of the needs of Young Children  
62.593 Organization and Administration of Programs for Young Children  
62.594 Practicum in Elementary and Early Childhood Education (Student Teaching)  
60.595 Individualized Instruction – Principles and Practices for the Classroom  
62.596 Practicum Elementary and Early Childhood Education (Field Experience)  
79.501 Teaching, Learning and Assessment  
79.599 Thesis: 3-6 credits  

Total credits:_________ GPA:__________________