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Geography (BA)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

More information: See degree requirements.

Cr. First Semester Cr. Second Semester
  341-100 or Elective
341.101 World Physical Geography (Required)341.105 Envir Issues & Choices (Major Elective)
341.102 World Cultural Geography (Required)3Free Elective
320.101 Composition I3General Education Group A (Humanities)
 or General Education Group A (Humanities) or 20.101 Composition I
3General Ed. Group C (Natural Science/Math)3General Education Group B (Social Sciences)
3General Education Group A (Humanities)3General Ed. Group C (Natural Science/Math)
109.100 Optional University Seminar  
16Total Semester Credits15Total Semester Credits
Cr.Third SemesterCr.Fourth Semester
341-100 or Elective  
351.100 Environ Geology (Recommended Group C)341.242 Map Skills (Required)
341.221 Economic Geography (Required)351.107 Natural Disasters (Recommended Group C)
341.250 Elements of Planning (Major Elective)3General Education Communications
3General Education Group A (Humanities)3General Education Group A (Humanities)
3General Ed. Quantitative & Analytical Reasoning3Free Elective
1General Education Fitness/Recreation Skills1General Education Fitness/Recreation Skills
16Total Semester Credits16Total Semester Credits
Cr.Fifth SemesterCr.Sixth Semester
341.203 Geography of Australia (Major Elective)341.302 Land Resources Mgmt (Major Elective)
341-350 Advanced Planning341-301 Water Resources Management or Elective
341.360 Principles of GIS I (Required)441-303 Soils Resouce Management or Elective
341.240 Writing Env. Careers (suggested 2nd writing)3Major Elective (300-400 Level)
3General Education Group B (Social Sciences)3General Ed. Values, Ethics, Decision-Making
3Free Elective  
18Total Semester Credits16Total Semester Credits
Cr.Seventh SemesterCr.Eighth Semester
341-301 Water Resources Management or Elective341.462 Techniques Geog Measurement (Required)
441-303 Soils Resouce Management or Elective341.492 Geography Seminar (Required)
341.361 Principles of GIS II (Major Elective)3Free Elective
341-380 Dams, Reservoirs & Rivers3Free Elective
341-386 U.S. Public Lands  
3Free Elective  
15Total Semester Credits12Total Semester Credits


The sequence of General Education courses is an example only; they may be taken in any order.

Major Electives shown as an example only; consult advisor for current schedule of department electives.

The department suggests 05.291 Hiking, Backpacking & Orienteering as Fitness/Recreation Course.

41.102 World Cultural Geography partially fulfills the Diversity Requirement; One additional course selected for the Major, General Education OR Free Elective must also quality as a Diversity course. See list of Diversity Courses and consult advisor.