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Instructional Technology (M.S.) - Education Track

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Master's Degree Graduation Check Sheet

Program of Study: Master of Science in Instructional Technology

Education track

# of credits required for graduation 33
Required: Credits
  Req. Completed
57.550 Instructional Design3 
57.551 Advanced Instructional Design3 
57.560 Multimedia Productions3 
57.570 Intro to Website Development3 
57.540 Tech Plan. Across the Curriculum3 
57.542 Tech Apps for the Classroom3 
57.546 Research in Instructional Tech3 
(one of the following three):  
57.584 Online Course Design3 
57.585 E.Learning Concepts3 
57.586 Blended eLearning3 
(one of the following two):  
57.590 Graduate Internship3.6 
57.599 Graduate Thesis6 
Electives (two of the following):  
57.556 Learning Theories3 
57.572 Intro. to Authoring3 
57.574 Authoring for Networks3 
57.576 Adv. Authoring for Mobile Devices3 
57.578 Adv. Authoring for Game Dev.3 
57.579 Instructional Game Design3 
57.581 Special Topics3 
57.584 Online Course Design3 
57.585 eLearning Concepts3 
57.586 Blended eLearning3 
57.587 Evaluating eLearning3 
57.588 LMS3 

Total credits:___________ GPA:__________________