Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Management Information Systems Major with Systems Design Development (SDD) BSBA

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

Year Fall   Spring    
120.101 English Comp 1 or340.122 Principles of Economics 23 
 92.150 Intro to InformationTech353.101 Math Thinking3 
 25.103 Public Speaking353.118 Matrix Algebra3 
 28.110 Critical Thinking392.150 Intro to Information Tech or3 
 Group A Elective (Humanities)320.101 English Comp 13 
 40.121 Principles of Economics 13Group B Elective (Social Sciences)3 
Fitness & Recreation Skills1 
  15 16 
240.256 Business & Econ Statistics 1391.223 Managerial Accounting3 
 91.220 Financial Accounting393.244 Principles of Management3 
 Group A Elective (Humanities)3Group A Elective (Humanities)3 
 Group B Elective (Social Sciences)340.156 Bus & Econ Math or3 
 Fitness & Recreation Skills153.123 Essen Calculus3 
Group C Elective (Natural Science)390.333 Business Communication & RW3 
  16 15 
3Values, Ethics & Resp Dec Making396.313 Intro to Corporate Finance3 
 98.331 Law & Legal Environment397.310 Marketing Principles & Practice3 
 92.351 Systems Analysis & Design392.353 Management Information System3 
 Group C Elective (Natural Science)392.375 Business Technology Operations3 
 General Education Elective4Analysis & Management  
Buisness Elective3 
  16 15 
 92.354 Database Proc. Systems392.373 Economics of Info. Systems3 
492.371 Modeling & Simulation for Business392.358 Data Comm. Systems3 
 93.481 Business Policies & Strategies392.474 Systems Development3 
 Business Elective3Business Elective3 
 General Education Elective3   
  15 12 

Note: If you are planning to do MIS & CIS Internship, you should carefully plan and schedule with your adivsor.