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Music - Liberal Arts (BA)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

Cr.First SemesterCr.Second Semester
035.100 Recital Attendance035.100 Recital Attendance
1Applied Study (for credit)1Applied Study (for credit)
1Major Ensemble (for credit)0Major Ensemble (no credit)
135.203 Voice Methods0Secondary Major Ensemble (no credit)
135.220 Strings Methods 2135.105 Music Literature
135.305 Special Topics in Music Education235.201 Sight Singing
320.101 Composition 1335.101 Music Listening
 OR 35.101 Music Listening OR Composition 1
3General Education Group A (Humanities)335.210 Music Theory I
3General Education Group C (Natural Science)235.302 Keyboard Skills 2
  3General Education Group C (Math)
14Total Semester credits15Total Semester Credits
Cr.Third SemesterCr.Fourth Semester
035.100 Recital Attendance035.100 Recital Attendance
1Applied Study (for credit)1Applied Study (for credit)
1Major Ensemble (for credit)1Major Ensemble (for credit)
135.206 Strings Methods 1135.207 Brass Methods
335.211 Music Theory II335.301 Theory IV: Twentieth Century Practice
135.227 Music Technology 135.305 Special topics in Music Education
235.298 Sight Singing 2335.331 Elementary Methods & Curriculum in Music
348.101 General Psychology348.211 Child Psych. OR 48.212 Adolecent Psych.
3American/British Literature Course325.103 Public Speaking
3General Education Group C (Math)  
18Total Semester Credits16Total Semester Credits
Cr.Fifth SemesterCr.Sixth Semester
035.100 Recital Attendance035.100 Recital Attendance
2Applied Study (for credit)2Applied Study (for credit)
0Major Ensemble (no credit)0Major Ensemble (no credit)
135.209 Percussion Methods0Secondary Ensemble (no credit)
135.231 General Conducting135.208 Brass Methods 2
135.232 Woodwind Methods 1135.305 Special Topics in Music Education
335.319 Secondary Methods & Curriculum in Music335.322 Music History - 1750 to Present
335.321 Music History to 1750235.328 Choral OR 35.329 Instrumental Conducting
235.411 Theory VI: Orchestration360.311 Classroom Measurements & Assessment
360.406 Multicultural Education345.211 Principles of Sociology
2General Education Fitness/Recreation Skills OR 46.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology
  3General Education Group A (Humanities)
18Total Semester Credits18Total Semester Credits
Cr.Seventh SemesterCr.Eighth Semester
035.100 Recital Attendance635.495 Student Teaching First Experience
2Applied Study (for credit)635.496 Student Teaching Second Experience
0Major Ensemble (no credit)  
0Secondary Ensemble (no credit)  
0Senior Recital  
135.233 Woodwinds Methods II  
335.300 Theory III: Form and Analysis  
370.101 Intro to the Exceptional Individual  
3General Ed. Values, Ethics, Decision-Making  
3General Education Group C (Natural Science)  
15Total Semester Credits12Total Semester Credits


The sequence of General Education courses is an example only; they may be taken in any order.

Two courses required for this program (70.101 & 60.406) satisfy the Cultural Diversity Requirement