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Speech-Language Pathology (M.Ed.)

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Master's Degree Graduation Check Sheet

Program of Study: Master of Education in School-Based Speech-Language Pathology

Track (if applicable): na # of credits required for graduation 45
Required Course # & Name (list below): Credits
Req. Completed
73.501 Artic and Phonol Disorders in Children3 
73.502 Lang Disorders in the School Setting3 
72.503 Research in Educational Speech Language Pathology2 
73.504 Diagnostics1 
73.505 Preschool Language Disorders 3 
73.506 Professional Issues 11 
73.507 Language for Literacy Development3 
73.508 Professional Issues 21 
73.509 Communication Disorders of ELL3 
73.510 Fluency Disorders in Children3 
73.511 Comm Dis of Low Incidence Populations3 
73.512 Comm Dis of Moderate/Severe Pop4 
73.513 Professional Issues 31 
73.514 Comm Dis of Hearing Impaired Children2 
73.515 Communication Disorders of ASD3 
73.521 Practical Experience 11 
73.521 Practical Experience 21 
73.521 Practical Experience 31 
73.521 Practical Experience 41 
73.521 Practical Experience 51 
73.522 Student Teaching4 

Total credits:_________________ GPA:___________________