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Clinical Athletic Training (M.S.)

Administered by the Department of Exercise Science and Athletics

Effective Fall 2011

This entry-level Masters of Science degree in Clinical Athletic Training will prepare Bloomsburg University students to function as healthcare providers in the areas of injury prevention, recognition, and treatment. This program will follow a competency-based approach in preparing students to think conceptually and analytically, as well as to conduct research in the areas of athletic training and exercise science. Entry-level programs are open to any student meeting admission criteria. This is the only entry-level M.S. in Clinical Athletic Training program offered in the state of Pennsylvania. This program is 1 of 16 offered nationally.

Required Courses (54-57 Credits):


EXERSCI.579 Introduction to Athletic Training (3)

EXERSCI.580 Orthopedic Assessment I (3)


EXERSCI.551 Mechanics of Movement (3)

EXERSCI.581 Orthopedic Assessment II (3)

EXERSCI.582 Therapeutic Modalities (3)

EXERSCI.591 Clinical I (3)


EXERSCI.553 Clinical Exercise Physiology (3)

EXERSCI.583 Therapeutic Exercise (3)

EXERSCI.584 General Medical Conditions (3)

EXERSCI.592 Clinical II (3)


EXERSCI.587 Exercise Psychology (3)

EXERSCI.586 Advanced Sports Medicine (3)

EXERSCI.593 Clinical III (3)


EXERSCI.510 Research Methods (3)

EXERSCI.560 Exercise Nutrition & Metabolism (3)

EXERSCI.585 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology (3)

EXERSCI.594 Clinical IV (3)


EXERSCI.598 Internship (3-6)