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Information and Technology Management (B.S.B.A.)

Department of Business Education, Information and Technology Management and Management Information Systems, College of Business

Effective Fall, 2013

Students majoring in a B.S.B.A. degree program in the College of Business must take at least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the business degree at Bloomsburg University.

In addition to 53 semester hours of general education requirements and 7 general education electives, a total of 60 semester hours is required for a major in Information and Technology Management. Elective courses complete the balance of the university's 120-hour requirement for a bachelor's degree. Several specific general education courses are required in this major. They include:

BUSED.101 Intro to Business

BUSED.333 Business Communication and Report Writing

COMMSTUD.103 Public Speaking

ECONOMIC.121 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECONOMIC.122 Principles of Microeconomics

ECONOMIC.256 Business and Economic Statistics

ENGLISH.101 Foundations of College Writing

MATH.118 Matrix Algebra

Choose one of the following two courses:

ECONOMIC.156 Business and Economic Mathematics

MATH.123 Essentials of Calculus

COB Professional Development Program:

INTERBUS.101 Professional Development: Self Discovery I

INTERBUS.102 Professional Development: Self Discovery II

INTERBUS.201 Professional Development: Exploration I

INTERBUS.202 Professional Development: Exploration II

INTERBUS.301 Professional Development: Preparation and Experience Building I

INTERBUS.302 Professional Development: Preparation and Experience Building II

INTERBUS.401 Professional Development: Taking Action to Transition I

INTERBUS.402 Professional Development: Taking Action to Transition II

Requirements for the Major

A total of 48 credits in core business courses and information and technology management courses is required. Required courses include:

ACCT.220 Financial Accounting

ACCT.223 Managerial Accounting

FINANCE.313 Introduction to Corporate Finance

LAW.331 Law and Legal Environment

ITM.175 Information and Technology Management Applications

ITM.302 Enhanced Business Applications

ITM.321 Information Technology Management

ITM.330 Telecommunications and Networking

ITM.375 Data-Driven Web Development

ITM.405 Training and Development

ITM.407 Human and Technology Interaction Management

ITM.408 Systems Security Management

ITM.409 Cases in Information Technology Management

MGMT.244 Principles of Management

MGMT.481 Business Policies

MKTG.310 Marketing: Principles and Practice

300- or 400-level business elective with advisor's approval

Electives and Free Electives - Students must choose 12 semester hours at the 300+ level in elective courses from General Business, Accounting, Computer and Information Systems, Management, Information and Technology Management, Finance, Marketing and Legal Studies, with the exception of BUSED.402, BUSED.403, BUSED.404 and BUSED.406