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Anthropology (B.A.)

Administered by Department of Anthropology

Effective Fall, 2009

In addition to 53 semester hours of general education requirements, a total of 36 semester hours is required for a major in anthropology. Additional free elective courses satisfy the requirement for a bachelor's degree.

The following core courses are required:

ANTHRO.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology

ANTHRO.210 Prehistoric Archaeology

ANTHRO.220 Human Origins

ANTHRO.385 Anthropology Research and Writing

ANTHRO.470 History of Anthropological Thought and Theory

Practicum (Minimally 3 credits): Choose one of the following four courses:

ANTHRO.301 Field Archaeology

ANTHRO.466 Independent Study in Anthropology

ANTHRO.475 Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology

ANTHRO.497 Internship in Anthropology


18 credits. At least 6 credit hours (2 courses) each in a. and b. Please note: Field Archaeology (ANTHRO.301) and Internships (ANTHRO.497) may be taken for 6 credits or more. If this is the case, three of the credits can be applied to Section I required courses and the remaining credits applied to appropriate Section II electives.

These 6 courses may apply to either Subdisciplines A or B, depending on the topic studied:

ANTHRO.240 Native North America

ANTHRO.380 Men and Women

ANTHRO.460 Applied Anthropology 4

ANTHRO.466 Independent Study in Anthropology

ANTHRO.495 Special Topics in Anthropology

ANTHRO.497 Internship in Anthropology

A. Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

ANTHRO.221 Forensic Anthropology

ANTHRO.250 Neanderthals

ANTHRO.290 Race and Racism

ANTHRO.300 Archaeological Method and Theory

ANTHRO.301 Field Archaeology

ANTHRO.310 Aztecs and Mayans

ANTHRO.311 Archaeology of Northeastern North America

ANTHRO.312 South American Archaeology

ANTHRO.405 Primates

B. Cultural Anthropology

ANTHRO.102 Anthropology and World Problems

ANTHRO.320 Contemporary World Cultures

ANTHRO.330 Peoples of Subsaharan Africa

ANTHRO.333 Ethnic Identity in the United States

ANTHRO.350 Medical Anthropology

ANTHRO.360 Pseudoscience: Myths, Monsters and Mayhem

ANTHRO.370 Indigenous Cultures of Modern Mexico

ANTHRO.390 Socialization of the Child

ANTHRO.440 Language and Culture

ANTHRO.450 Peoples and Cultures of South America

ANTHRO.475 Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology

ANTHRO.480 Religion and Magic

Students contemplating graduate school are advised to take an introductory course in computer science and at least six credit hours in a foreign language.