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Music (B.A.)

Administered by: Department of Music

Effective: Spring 2008

Audio-Video Recording Track

In addition to 50 credits of general education requirements, the 43 credits of requirements of the major, and 17 credits of professional courses, students choose electives to complete the 123-credit requirement for a bachelor of arts degree.

Assessment Criteria and Procedures: Students will submit a cumulative portfolio, which will exhibit the breadth and depth of their experiences throughout their studies at the university. Summaries of the three required internships and a log of the work required for the audio-video recording concentration are to be included. The faculty member supervising the internship experiences will review the portfolio to determine that the student has a sufficient variety and content of experiences to be both current and successful in the workplace. Required courses include:

General Education Recommendations

COMMSTUD.104 Interpersonal Communications

COMPSCI.110 Intro to Computer Science

ECONOMIC.121 Principles of Macroeconomics

HISTORY.250 History of Science

PHYSICS.101 Basic Physical Science

PHYSICS.104 Elementary Electronics

PHYSICS.106 The Science of Sound (Acoustics)

MASSCOMM.271 Video Editing

MASSCOMM.367 Video Product II

MASSCOMM.310 Media Law and Ethics

MASSCOMM.480 Telecommunications Workshops

Music Theory

MUSIC.201 Sight Singing

MUSIC.298 Sight Singing II

MUSIC.210 Theory I (counted as general ed. requirement)

MUSIC.211 Theory II (counted as general ed. Requirement)

MUSIC.300 Theory III - Form and Analysis

MUSIC.301 Theory IV - Twentieth Century Practice

MUSIC.411 Theory VI - Orchestration

Music History

MUSIC.101 Music Listening

MUSIC.105 Music Literature

MUSIC.305 Special Topics in Music Education (World Music)

MUSIC.321 Music History to 1750

MUSIC.322 Music History: 1750 to Present

Ensemble Participation

A total of eight semesters of the student's choice (vocal or instrumental) are required at one credit for seven semesters and zero credit for one semester.

MUSIC.106/306 Maroon and Gold Band (Marching in fall, Concert in spring)

MUSIC.107/307 University-Community Orchestra

MUSIC.108/308 Concert Choir

MUSIC.109/309 Women's Choral Ensemble

MUSIC.110/310 Husky Singers (male chorus)

MUSIC.111/311 Chamber Singers

MUSIC.112/312 Jazz Ensemble

MUSIC.170/370 Chamber Orchestra

Applied Study

All students must take 8 semesters of applied lessons at 1 credit each.

Additional Courses

MUSIC.231 General Conducting

MUSIC.205 Class Piano II

MUSIC.212 Class Piano III

Professional Studies

MUSIC.219 Basic Audio Recording

MUSIC.332 Audio Recording II

MUSIC.333 Audio Recording Lab (elect twice at one credit)

MUSIC.424 Audio Recording III

MUSIC.425 Audio Recording IV

MUSIC.426 Audio Recording V

All Audio-Video majors must complete an internship experience. This internship is an integral part of the degree program, providing professional experience in the student's field. During this experience, students represent the university to the business community. Their work ethic, attitude and professionalism are a direct reflection upon the music department.

MUSIC.497 Internship III (3rd Summer)

All Audio-Video majors are required to act as recording technicians for events sponsored by the Music Department as specified by the adviser. The requirement is for a minimum of three events each semester.