Bloomsburg University Academic Programs
Academic Catalog

Psychology (B.A.)

Administered by Department of Psychology

Effective Spring 2009

In addition to university general education requirements, the program of study in psychology requires a minimum of 36 semester hours from the courses specified below:

Freshman/Sophomore years:

Core courses (18 semester hours) (Note: PSYCH.281 and PSYCH.282 must be taken sequentially. A grade of C or higher is required in PSYCH.101, PSYCH.160 and PSYCH.281)

PSYCH.101 General Psychology

PSYCH.160 Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

PSYCH.281 Experimental Psychology: Methodology

PSYCH.282 Experimental Psychology: Applications

Choose two from the following four courses:

PSYCH.211 Early Child Dev or PSYCH.212 Adolescence or PSYCH.214 Transitions to Adolescent Development

PSYCH.253 Social Psychology

PSYCH.311 Adulthood and Aging

Junior/Senior years - content courses (12 semester hours)

Choose two from the following three courses:

PSYCH.360 Cognitive Psychology

PSYCH.375 Psychology of Learning

PSYCH.380 Behavioral Neuroscience

Choose one of the following three courses:

PSYCH.335 Psychological Disorders

PSYCH.337 Developmental Psychopathology

PSYCH.436 Theories of Personality

Choose one from the following six courses:

PSYCH.321 Psychological Tests and Measurements

PSYCH.340 Community Psychology

PSYCH.350 Psychology of Sex and Gender

PSYCH.439 Introduction to Clinical Psychology

PSYCH.476 Principles of Behavior Modification

Senior year - capstone courses (6 semester hours)

Choose two courses from the following seven courses:

PSYCH.341 Theory and Practice of Academic Psychology

PSYCH.356 Psychology of Motivation

PSYCH.401 History of Psychology

PSYCH.406 Psychology Seminar

PSYCH.464 Advanced Experimental Design

PSYCH.466 Independent Study in Psychology

PSYCH.497 Practicum in Psychology