Center for Financial Analysis Databases

Center for Financial Analysis Databases

The Benner-Hudock Center for Financial Analysis

Training in the Center

We organize and hold several training sessions during each semester. These include:

  • Capital IQ
  • StockTrak
  • Morningstar (Fundamentals, Advanced, and Certification)

Bloomsburg University's Center for Financial Analysis provides a variety of software applications and databases for faculty and student research projects. Training opportunities on how to use these resources are available online or by attending organized sessions where vendors present their products tailored to a general use or for a specific class.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ Capital IQ provides current and historical market financial information. Coverage includes over 88,000 active and inactive companies globally; over 41,100 active companies covering 99% of world market capitalization; and over 5,000 unique financial data items, with over 2,500 industry-specific items.

Widely used by financial institutions, Capital IQ offers information on mutual funds; private equity and venture capital firms; information on executive and board of directors; global public and private companies; strategic alliances, subsidiaries, competitors; corporate governance; SEC filings; institutional ownership and holdings; and economic and interest rates histories


Morningstar Morningstar is available on any desktop in the Financial Services Lab. The database provides fundamental market data and financial news; companies’ financial statements; stock quotes; fixed income and equities tab; portfolio tools: attributions, global/local portfolios and research performance; and mutual funds data. Users can customize and store various workspaces containing user-selected analytics screens such as news and monitors of various sectors and markets. Morningstar provides their subscribers with various training opportunities, including live webinars, online training and prerecorded demonstrations.


StockTrak StockTrak is a market and portfolio management simulation system that allows individual students or teams to trade against the market and each other. This software application enables participants to automate, simulate, and optimize their trading strategies under “live” market conditions, but without real financial risks. StockTrak features real-time executions and streaming portfolio updates and rankings; customizable registration fields and ranking; for Administrator -- class summaries and statements and for students – streaming portfolio profit/loss statements during market hours. StockTrak staff performs daily audits to insure accuracy.

The DecisionTools Suite

The DecisionTools Suite Used primarily in our upper-level Management courses, The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty that runs in Microsoft Excel. The DecisionTools Suite includes @RISK for Monte Carlo simulation, PrecisionTree for decision trees, and TopRank for “what if” sensitivity analysis. In addition, the DecisionTools Suite comes with StatTools for statistical analysis and forecasting, NeuralTools for predictive neural networks, and Evolver and RISKOptimizer for optimization. All programs work together and integrate completely with Microsoft Excel for ease of use and maximum flexibility.