Live Student Chat ... your story begins on campus

Live Student Chat ... your story begins on campus

What better way to "Unleash your Inner Husky" than through the variety of student life opportunities, from tackling a 30-foot indoor climbing wall or navigating an outdoor high ropes course to building life-long friendships in hundreds of student groups to gaining resume-building experience through a number of student leadership positions and opportunities.

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Get Involved ... with more than 200 student clubs and organizations, there’s a group just for you — ranging from community service, faith, the arts, business, entertainment and athletics.

Campus Living ... doesn’t end when walking out of the residence halls but grows through lifelong friendships formed by taking advantage of the unique experiences available across campus.

Get Fit ... through a variety of options whether it’s team-oriented, outdoor adventure, the buddy system or with your own personal trainer.

Diversity ... enriches our lives through diversity of thought, activities and people. Our campus community is brought together as we learn about, experience and discover the world and each other.

Health and Safety ... are important in any community, especially in a residential campus like BU — home to health care professionals helping you stay healthy, counselors assisting you to deal with college stresses and police officers providing a secure campus environment.

Student Affairs ... oversees a dynamic and diverse student life with hundreds of ways for you to engage, grow and define your Inner Husky.