Second Language Requirement

Second Language Requirement

As part of Bloomsburg University’s general education program, students are expected to demonstrate basic communication skills in a second language. There are several ways students can satisfy this goal. Students have an opportunity to complete the second language MyCore requirement before starting classes in the fall!

If you studied a language in high school, you should attempt to earn your language general education points by taking a short, 30- to 40-minute language test. Although you can wait until you are on campus in the fall to take the language test, we are offering new freshmen an opportunity to try the test while on campus during Preview Days.

You can sign up for one of these dates or learn about other times you can try the test.

The language test is not required and is not the only way students can satisfy the second language requirement. Students may also complete any course in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian or Arabic language at or beyond the second semester (“102 Level”). Completing American Sign Language 1 (ASLTERP 155) also satisfies the language requirement. Additional options for applied language and intensive language study will become available in the coming year.

If you wish to continue studying a second language in your freshman year, please use this form to let us know of your interest and past experience with a language preference form. Also, completing CLEP language tests satisfies the language requirement.