Meet the Officers!

Meet the Officers!

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Rachel Vitola, President

Rachel Vitola
Major: Exercise Science
Class: Junior
High School: Garnet Valley
Favorite Memory: The Big Event and lining soccer fields at 7 am!

Robin Carpenter, Vice President

Robin Carpenter

Class: Senior
High School: Medford High School, Medford, MA
Favorite Memory: driving to away games and jamming out in the car!

Paige Tappert, Social Chair

Paige Tappert
Class: Sophomore
High School: Toms River High School East
Favorite Memory: Attempting to rake leaves at the big event.

Allie Naughton, President

Allie Naughton
Major: Business Management
Class: Junior
High School: Abington
Favorite Memory: When we went to Maryland and ate at Denny's at 1 in the morning.

Dani Rieland, Fundraising Chair

Dani RielandClass: Senior
High School: Arlington High School
Favorite Memory: My favorite memory of club soccer thus far has to be when we had a potluck in the middle of Saint Joes prior to playing 3 games that same afternoon. Needless to say we were all moving pretty slow that first game.


Morgan Campbell, Social Chair

Morgan CampbellClass: Sophomore
High School: Central Bucks South
Favorite Memory: Winning world cup as a goalie.