Meet the Officers!

Meet the Officers!

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Rachel Vitola, President

Rachel Vitola
Major: Exercise Science
Class: Junior
High School: Garnet Valley
Favorite Memory: The Big Event and lining soccer fields at 7 am!

Tricia Connolly, Vice President

Tricia Connolly
Major: Nursing
Class: Senior
High School: Upper Moreland
Favorite Memory: Playing World Cup at practice!

Brianna Olsson, Secretary

Brianna Olsson
Major: Organizational Communications/Human Resource Management
Class: Senior
High School: South Brunswick
Favorite Memory: Our long venture to Maryland last year. The trip was long, but we all really got to grow a lot closer and have some fun!

Allie Naughton, President

Allie Naughton
Major: Business Management
Class: Junior
High School: Abington
Favorite Memory: When we went to Maryland and ate at Denny's at 1 in the morning.

Lindi Snyder, Treasurer

Lindi Snyder
Lindi Snyder
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
Class: Senior
High School: Line Mountain
Favorite Memory: Tri Scrimmage because I love that game!