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Resources for Students

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's School Counseling Graduate Program

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(Students are NOT automatically assigned to this list)

Program Listservs

Several listservs have been established to facilitate communication between and among the students and faculty affiliated with M.Ed. in Counseling program.  A listserv allows those who are subscribed to very easily send e-mail messages to everyone else on the list.

This helps the program coordinator and faculty insure that all students receive the same information in a timely manner.  Messages address topics such as course scheduling, academic advising, social events, and professional resources.

Students and faculty are routinely added to the Counseling list and the College Student Affairs list as they begin the academic program.  You may add or remove yourself from the lists as noted below.

CSA Facebook Page

Greek Life

A Facebook page is available to promote communication between students and recent graduates and we encourage you to join this community.

Title:Bloomsburg University College Student Affairs (CSA)

Purpose: To promote connections between past, current, and future graduate students. Any member can post to the group website information that they feel will be a valuable addition to the CSA page.

Members: Open to the public; join by adding the group and the group moderator will approve it; we welcome every new member!

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