College of Science and Technology

College of Science and Technology

College of Science and Technology

Nearly 50 students within the College of Science and Technology recently presented their research as part of COST’s fall Research and Scholarship Day at Hartline Science Center. Specifically, there were 20 speaker presentations and 15 poster presentations.

Acting Dean, Science and Technology
    Jonathan Lincoln
Assistant Dean
    Patricia Beyer
Administrative Assistant
    Karen Davis | 570-389-5333
Clerk Typists
    Brenda Machuga | 570-389-5333

College of Science and Technology
176 Hartline Science Center
Phone: 570-389-5333
Fax: 570-389-5063

BU is home to one of the largest and most modern science buildings in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Here, science isn't confined to the classroom or even the lab. As a student you'll find opportunities for technology internships, health care clinical experiences or science research, including undergraduate research opportunities. These experiences will give you an edge in your career, and along the way you'll be able to take pride in making a difference — for the environment or for your community.

Programs of Study

Jumpstart your college career

COST Gateway Program

Bloomsburg University's Gateway to Success program allows you to enter your freshmen year one step ahead of your peers in science, health science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors. You will complete two full-credit courses that apply towards graduation and participate in workshops focused on mathematics and the sciences. You will get to know the faculty and be introduced to undergraduate research opportunities.

Additional perks include outings to regional partners such as Geisinger Medical Center and PPL Steam Electric Station. Jumpstart your college career by being a part of the Summer Science Gateway.