SLED: Students Linked to the Education of the Deaf

SLED: Students Linked to the Education of the Deaf

Deaf Education

SLED Executive Board

  • Faculty Advisor - Deborah S. Stryker, Ph.D.
  • President: Brianna Kunkel
  • Vice President Natalie Roca
  • Secretary: Meghan Ruland
  • Treasurer: Kacy Wittman
  • Fundraising: Claudia de Rocco, Jenny Gulick
  • Public Relations: Julie Rubel, Kaitlyn Scudi
  • Historian: Miranda Smith
    • Elections for the Executive Board are held in late fall.

If you are declared as an Area of Concentration in Education of the Deaf, then you are also a member of SLED! An active, fun group who meet the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in different locations for meetings which are informative, fun, and include food!

Deaf Education Student Organization

SLED welcomes all students interested in working with and learning about Deaf and hard of hearing people. Our main goal is to raise money to help financially support deaf and hard of hearing children and youth to attend Camp HERO (Here Everyone Really is One) — a philosophy we have adopted as a campus organization.

By raising awareness of the diverse needs of deaf and hard of hearing people we hope to improve their quality of life. If you are interested in becoming a member or getting more information about this student organization, contact