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Dean of Students

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Discover ... pursue ... achieve student success

Dean of Students Office

KUB 101 | 570-389-4734

Dean of Students
  Donald Young | 570-389-4734
Associate Dean
  Jennifer Raup | 570-389-4808
Assistant Dean
  Anthony Beard | 570-389-4984
  Helena Yurcho | 570-389-4304

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Director of Multicultural Affairs
  Madelyn Rodriguez | 570-389-4510
Coordinator of Sexual & Gender Diversity
  Matthew Barcus | 570-389-3933
Coordinator of Women’s Resource Center
  Monica Johnson | 570-389-5283

BU's Dean of Students Office supports student learning and interpersonal growth that creates engaged citizen leaders. To ensure this, the office provides student mentorship, advocacy, counseling and student engagement.

2014-15 Safety Information

Information regarding our University's Annual Security Report along with Personal Property Insurance, a welcome letter from the Town of Bloomsburg and information from our University Police Department can all be found online.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information, please feel free to contact us at the Dean of Students Office, 570-389-4734 or our University Police Department, 570-389-2211 or 570-389-4168. Additionally, if you would prefer any of this information in document copy form, just let us know and we will mail it to you.

In addition please review these other links to important safety information: