Frederick Douglass Living and Learning Community

Frederick Douglass Living and Learning Community

Frederick Douglass LLC

Bloomsburg University's Frederick Douglass Living and Learning Community provides a conducive and healthy environment for students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds to live and learn together on campus.

Goals of the Living and Learning Community

  • Selection into the Learning Community depends on the students' high level of motivation and willngness to work as part of a team.
  • The Learning Community provides an academic and social environment where students can learn from each other and receive support from their professors both in and out of the classroom.
  • The Learning Community sets high standards for academic performance and provides the support and assistance students need to succeed.
  • Members of the Learning Community share a mutual respect for each other and a high standard of academic achievement. They share and appreciation for diversity and are involved in various campus activities.

Advantages of the Frederick Douglass Learning Community

Familiar faces in your classes and residence halls!

  • Learning community students encounter familiar faces in their classes and residence halls which contributes to a more positive learning experience.

Group study sessions!

  • LLC students have the opportunity to participate in group study sessions with their peers.

University Seminar!

  • Through the university seminar, learning community students have the opportunity to make connections between knowledge acquired from different classes; students learn how to study for tests and exams, how to set academic goals, and how to manage their time effectively.

Connection with faculty!

  • LLC students have the opportunity to interact with professors through a variety of social events such as picnics, parties and educational field trips.