Early Childhood and Adolescent Education Forms

Early Childhood and Adolescent Education Forms

Due to certification changes implemented by the PA Department of Education, be certain you’re using the correct check sheet. Your advisor is not responsible if you are using the incorrect sheet. If you are uncertain, please consult your advisor.

Students who entered Summer 2012 or later must meet MyCore Requirements

    Students who entered BU Summer 2012 or later

    Students who entered BU prior to Summer 2012

    PRAXIS Information

    Concentrations and Minors

    The Concentrations Booklet contains all of the possible concentrations for BU education majors. These only applicable to students who will graduate on or before December 2012. Concentration in Deaf and Hard of Hearing is the ONLY concentration available to students who will graduate on or after May 2013. Minors Booklet

    Diversity Requirements and Program Sheets

    Effective with the incoming freshman Class of 2007, students pursuing a teaching certification at BU must have documented experience working with diverse students. Please be certain you have written a diversity reflection on the bottom of the diversity signature sheet.