English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Contact Information

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
English as a Second Language Program
400 East Second Street
Room 343 Centennial Hall
Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1301
Telephone: 570-389-4460
Fax: 570-389-2035

Kimberly Cardimona, PhD
Assistant Professor ESL Program Specialist Certification

Kailyn Stewart, M.S., CCC-SLP
ESL Supervisor Email: kstewart@bloomu.edu

GayAnne Spezialetti
Department Secretary Email: gspezial@bloomu.edu

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ESL Program Brochure

The Bloomsburg University International Speech and Language Center-English as a Second Language Program is Bloomsburg University's intensive English program. Full-time, noncredit classes are offered through this program for international students and non-native speakers who need to improve their English language skills. Successful completion of this non-credit program will provide pre-requisite English skills needed to enroll in academic degree seeking programs at the college level, to participate in American society, to enroll in vocational or academic programs at the college level, or to enter or advance in the workplace. If admitted to this program, students will be evaluated, placed at the appropriate level, and enrolled in the ESL program. During course enrollment, students will develop English skills through six different levels of ESL instruction, conversation partners, off campus activities, and on-line learning programs.

How to Register:

Individuals interested in participating in the ESL program are required to send the following items to the address listed below:

1. ESL Program Application via our Online Application OR
paper application.

2. $200.00 (U.S.) non-refundable registration fee (This should be a money order or cashier’s check in U.S. dollars made payable to Bloomsburg University, with applicants name.)

3. Copy of Visa, passport, and I-20 (if applicable)

4. Source of financial support

For International students only

Please submit either an International Undergraduate Application or International Graduate Application to Bloomsburg University before registering for the ESL Program.


Price includes evaluation, placement, and enrollment in the ESL program.

Full and part-time options are available:

Full-time (30 hours/ week): $4,000 per semester

Half-time (15 hours/week): $2,000 per semester

Part-time (6 hours/ week): $840 per semester

Part-time (3 hours/week): $420 per semester

Housing and meals are not included. Please contact Residence Life at http://reslife.bloomu.edu/ or by calling (570) 389-4089 if you plan to live on campus.

More About the English as a Second Language Program

Program Goals:

Provide an introduction to the style, academic expectations and culture of the classes

Produce intensive work to refine note-taking, reading, and academic writing skills

Develop pronunciation skills

Develop semantic understanding of discussions

Provide a chance to observe and participate in university classes without taking for credit

Develop an understanding of the culture and social behavior


The ESL curriculum is designed for non-native speakers and international students who need English skills to participate in American society, to enroll in vocational or academic programs at the college level, or to enter or advance in the workplace. Students will attain and refine language and study skills as well as deepen their knowledge of U.S. culture through a series of specially designed courses in sentence structure, reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, and conversation. Students have access to computer, video, and lab equipment through the Independent Learning Center. Individual and group tutoring can be arranged.

Typical Course Schedule:

Classes are held during each University semesters and typically follow semester beginning and end dates.

There are six levels of instruction in which students may be placed following an evaluation:

Beginning ESL

Low Beginning ESL

High Beginning ESL

Low Intermediate ESL

High Intermediate ESL

Advanced ESL

Students in each of these levels will participate in courses focusing on:





U.S. Culture


Language Structures

Conversation Partners

On-line learning programs focusing on English at their level

Students will often have the opportunity to participate in scheduled activities/field trips. These activities will help students develop an understanding of culture and social behavior, practice their language skills outside the classroom setting, and enhance confidence necessary to become an integral part of the campus community.