Dr. Gary Robson, Department of Accounting

Dr. Gary Robson, Department of Accounting

Gary Robson

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  • Robson, G. S., Shin, Y. B. , & Mixon, Jr., J. W. (2009). Estimating Accounting and Finance Models with Microsoft Excel. Managerial Finance, 35 (5), 451-460.
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  • Law, M. D. & Robson, G. S. (2009). An Investigation into Computerized Estimating Software Used in Accounting for Cost Estimates by Residential Builders. Review of Business Information Systems, 13 (1).
  • Hwang, D. B.K., Chen, Y., & Robson, G. S. (2008). On the Informationization of Accounting Information in China: The Perspective of Accounting Information Systems and Its Regulatory Framework in the USA. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 4 (8), 17-29.