2016-17 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

2016-17 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees


Pennsylvania Residents, full-time $3,619 per semester
Non-residents, full-time $9,048 per semester
Pennsylvania Residents, part-time $302 per credit
Non-residents, part-time $754 per credit 

Activities, Recreation Fees

Student Union Fee No Charge for Fiscal Year 2016/2017
Student Union Operation Fee $108.75 per semester (12+ credits)
  $9.25 per credit (1-11 credits)
Recreation Fee $91 per semester (12+ credits)
  $7.75 per credit (1-11 credits)
Community Activity Fee $151.75 per semester (12+ credits) 
  $12.75 per credit (1-11 credits)
Technology Tuition Fee
Pennsylvania Residents, 12+ credits $224 per semester
Pennsylvania Residents, 1-11 credits $19 per credit
Non-residents, 12+ credits $341 per semester
Non-residents, 1-11 credits $29 per credit
University Fees
Health Service/Wellness Fee $123.25 per semester (9+ credits)
Academic Enhancement Fee $384.50 per semester (12+ credits)
  $32.25 per credit (1-11 credits)
Student Success Fee $300 per semester (12+ credits)
$25 per credit (1-11 credits)
Registration/Transcript Fee $5 per semester
Transportation Fee $70 per semester

Books and Supplies

Books and supplies are estimated at $500 per semester. Students may secure books and supplies at the University Store. The cost of books is not included in university billing.
Miscellaneous Fees, Charges
Air Conditioning Charge $84 per semester
Application Fee - Non-refundable university application fee $35
Application Fee - International Students $60
Attendance Fee $25
Bad Check/Returned Deposit Fee - Fee assessed for insufficient funds returned checks $30
Child Care Center- Applicable for those who wish to use campus child care services for children. Cost Varies
CLEP Admin Fee (College Level Exam Program) $40 (plus CLEP exam fee)
Credit-by-Examination $30
Detox Room Charge $150
Health Center Additional Services (immunizations, antibiotics, etc.) Cost Varies
Housing Agreement Cancellation $500
ID Card Replacement Fee $20
Late Payment Fee $25
Late Registration - Charged to a student who completes registration after the official registration date. $10
Library Fines Cost Varies
Mailbox Key Replacement Fee $5
Miller Analogies Test $90
New Student Deposit - applies to first semester tuition $200
Parking – Boot Fee - Issued after 3 unpaid parking tickets $25
Parking - Commuter Student Parking Fee $37 per semester
Parking - Fines $15 per ticket
Parking – Resident Student Parking Fee $75 per semester
Printer Paper Fee - Per page over 500 pages per semester $0.04
Program Specific Fees (i.e. Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology Partnership with PSU) Cost Varies
Room Damage/Cleaning Fee and Restitution Cost Varies
Short-Term Faculty-Led Practicum Fee/Program Fee Cost Varies
Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Fee Cost Varies
Study Abroad Application Fee $25.00 per application
Test Proctoring $40
Wired Internet Connection Fee $50
Orientation Fees
Freshmen $95
Transfer Students $95
Summer Freshmen $95
Act 101/EOP (not exempt) $95
Adult - Non-Traditional Students $12