Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition Payment Plans

A tuition payment plan is an option that breaks down the large lump-sum payments due at the beginning of each semester into easy-to-manage installments. You still owe the same amount of tuition, but you now have more time to pay and your payments are smaller and more manageable. Bloomsburg University offers the option to make tuition payments on a monthly basis through TuitionPay Plan.

Tuition Payment Plan

Highlights of the Payment Plan Option

(Please read carefully before considering a payment plan)

Payment Plan Options: (may only apply for future semesters)

a. Fall Only – Deadline August 31st – 4 Monthly Payments that will be applied to the balance due for fall only – enroll by July 15th

b. Spring Only – Deadline January 15th – 4 Monthly Payments that will be applied to the balance due for spring only – enroll by November 15th

c. Summer Only – Deadline May 25th – 3 Monthly Payments that will be applied to the balance due for summer only – enroll by May 5th

Payments are posted to the student account bi-weekly therefore a delay may occur between the time of payment to Higher One and the date posted to the student account. The student account and/or billing statement may not reflect all payments made to date.

When calculating the amount of the contract with Higher One, any loans, grants or other financial aid for which the student is eligible should be deducted from the total tuition/fees.

Higher One does charge an enrollment fee for participation in the payment plan. It will be necessary to sign up separately for each plan.

The student will continue to receive billing statements each time that they are prepared until the balance due is satisfied. These statements are provided to the student for verification purposes.

When payment has been made in full to Higher One (i.e. end of contract or final payment for term), student should check their MyHusky account to determine that they are also paid in full with Bloomsburg University. The amounts provided to Higher One for tuition and fees are estimated amounts and not the actual balance due.

Payment plan contracts with Higher One can be adjusted or cancelled at any time.