Study Abroad in Helsinki, Finland!

Study Abroad in Helsinki, Finland!

Studying in Helsinki, costs no more than studying in Bloomsburg.

Haaga-Helia Univ. of Applied Science

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland, located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea with a metropolitan area population of around 1,200,000. Helsinki is a major European city and a center for politics, education, finance, culture and research. In 2011, Monocle Magazine's Liveable Cities Index ranked Helsinki the most liveable city in the world, and its beauty has earned it the name "Pearl of the Baltic." Helsinki is located on the southern coast and is spread across a number of bays and peninsulas and over a number of islands. Helsinki was founded in 1550, but remained small until after 1810, when it became the capitol. Since then, the city has enjoyed steady growth, especially in recent decades. Its museums, theaters, concerts, and festivals establish Helsinki as one of the great cultural centers of Europe. Its strategic location as a port city has attracted major corporations (Intel, Apple, Proctor & Gamble) and a number of international corporations have been founded in Helsinki.

The Haaga-Helia University offers a number of degree programs taught in English.
• International Business
• Business Information Technology
• Hospitality and Tourism Management
• Sports and Leisure Management
• Experience and Wellness Management
• Journalism
• Vocational Teacher Education


• Study in Helsinki costs just about the same as studying in Bloomsburg.
• Students pay tuition and fees at Bloomsburg University, the same as if they were taking classes in Bloomsburg.
• Financial aid and grants apply to study in Helsinki as they would at Bloomsburg.
• SCHOLARSHIPS are available for students who study abroad on exchange programs from a variety of sources.
• Students pay minor fees to cover health insurance, incidental program costs, and the student identification.
• Student IDs not only allow access to university facilities, such as the library, but are also good for student discounts.
• Helsinki
• Exchange students live in the HOAS apartments (single room in a shared apartment) and rent ranges from $530 to $730 per month.
• Although there is no meal plan as we know it, the student restaurants offer a wide variety of meals at very low prices, from about $1.35 to $4.00. Otherwise, students generally prepare their own meals at home or eat out.


• Students are responsible for their own travel. Travel costs can vary.
• A round-trip ticket to Helsinki from Newark International Airport is currently around $750-$950.
• Students can often find student discounts for airfare. See the General Information and Handy Links page.
• Volunteer HAAGA-HELIA student tutors pick-up incoming exchange students from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport or the central railway station in Helsinki, and take them to their apartment by using public transportation.


• Students must be full-time students and take 12 to 18 credits.
• Credits transfer as per advisement with the program director.


• BU students study for one or two semesters in Helsinki.
• Students can take classes offered in the major programs listed above.
• We strongly encourage students to study abroad for two semesters, especially if international activity will be part of future career plans or if a student is planning to apply to graduate school.
• Autumn term begins mid-August and ends mid-December. Spring term begins around the second week of January and and ends mid-June.


To be eligible for the program, students must be enrolled full time at Bloomsburg University or at a University in the PA State System of Higher Education and be in good academic standing.

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