Global Education - Travel and Health Insurance

Global Education - Travel and Health Insurance

It is imperative to note that Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania does not provide any form of Health Care Services be it (TRAVEL INSURANCE, MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE, ACCIDENT INSURANCE COVERAGE, ETC.) to students studying in other countries, just the same way you are responsible for your own health insurance coverage while studying in Bloomsburg University. Students are responsible for their own health care, conduct, financial integrity and travel plans related to the study abroad programs.

The Office of Global Education encourages all students to do the following:

    1. Please have a discussion with your parents (if you are on your parents' health coverage) about your Medical Insurance Policy to determine the extent of your health coverage while studying or traveling overseas in Cameroon; Ethiopia; China; and Russia.
    2. If you do not have coverage while overseas, or if you are covered by Medicaid, you may consider purchasing Travel Insurance; or Medical Insurance, and or Accident Insurance, or all that will cover your in-patient, and out-patient services in cases of health emergencies.
    3. Before departure to your destination overseas, you MUST provide the Office of Global Education with your proof of Health Insurance Coverage Overseas. You will not be allowed to leave USA without coverage.
    4. There are various organizations that do provide Travel, and Health Insurance Coverage to students and the general population going overseas for study or business that can be purchased online. A few examples of these are:
    1. International SOS:
    2. HTH Worldwide: Health Plans and Services for the Global Traveller:
    3. iNEXT Travel Insurance:
    4. ON CALL International:
    5. International Student Identity Card (ISIC): This card provides students with basic supplemental accident insurance. If you are interested in purchasing this card, we suggest that you buy it online.

Please make sure that you have sufficient Health Insurance coverage to include provisions for overseas travel, medical evacuation, and repatriation.

Disclaimer: We would like to let you know that Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is not affiliated whatsoever with the above organizations.

Finally, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Doreen M.S. Jowi, Ph.D.
    Director of Global Education